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Just graduated from the fine art school of Toulon in 2008, Yan Denes decided to combine two of his main passions: Art and the racing car, mainly Ferrari.

His unique illustration technique and attention to detail makes him an infinite number of brush strokes to freeze movement - be it that of a man admiring roadside or cars at full speed - and capture the intensity of a moment.

Appreciated of both the art lovers as Automobile enthusiasts - classics like modern - his original works are handmade with the "Black Stone" (Pen Conté 3B) and pure pigment applied pastel special brush. The support is for the vast majority of works, paper Ingres 130g / m˛ sizes 50 x 65cm, which has the major advantage of not containing acid and thus maintain the purity of its color over time.

Yan Denes works demonstrate forcefully the link between man and Automotive, the artist was asked many times by private collectors - mostly "Ferraristi" - eager to capture on paper their favorite car. Thus, he had to work for enthusiasts and professionals around the world, and move home to replicate the vehicle in every detail.

By Coralie Teboul

Regularly exposed to the Galerie Vitesse (48, rue de Berri - 75008) at Paris and Automobilia Gallery in Luxembourg Yan Denes was also invited to the "Sport & Collection" event in June where one of his original works was auctioned to benefit the research against cancer.

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